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Book Coaching and Editorial Services

Manuscript Review


  •  2-4 page edit letter

  • No in-document comments

  • One-hour project management call

$3 per page for full manuscripts

$55 plus $3 per page for partial manuscripts (50-page minimum)


Manuscript Review with In-document Comments


  • 2-4 page edit letter

  • In-document comments

  • One-hour project management call

$5.50 per page for full manuscripts

$55 plus $5.50 per page for partial manuscripts (50-page minimum)

Project Development / Revision Package – Six to Twelve Months of Support

Great for writers who:           

  • Have an idea but don’t know where to start

  • Have 50 pages or more and are stuck

  • Have been querying or pitching without success

  • Want to self-publish the best book possible


  • 12 deadlines of up to 20 pages each (2 deadlines per month recommended)

  • In-document feedback and Next Steps Summary with every submission

  • Project development assignments tailored to each author’s needs

  • One-hour project management call

  • 5 thirty-minute editorial calls 

  • Email support

 12 deadlines - $2,100 (Paid up front or split into 6 monthly payments of $350)

24 deadlines - $4,200 (Paid up front or split into 12 monthly payments of $350)

Additional deadlines may be purchased for $200 each (includes thirty-minute call)


Pitch Package – Six Months of Support*

Great for writers who:

  •  Have a finished product and need help perfecting the first three chapters, creating a query and synopsis, and making a submission plan


  • Multiple passes of the first three chapters, query, and synopsis

  • Agent list research and development

  • One-hour project management call

  • 2 thirty-minute follow up calls

  • Email support

$2,100 (Paid up front or split into 6 monthly payments of $350)

*If I decide your pages or manuscript are not query-ready, I’ll contact you to discuss additional options or help I may be able to offer.


Honest, concise, and compassionate feedback. As an author, 2017 Pitch Wars mentee, 2018 and 2019 #WriteMentor mentor, a book coach and editor for Author Accelerator, I have experiences from both sides of the writing and querying table. My number one priority is seeing writers succeed.


"Working with KC on my contemporary YA novel has been life-altering. With her guidance, my manuscript is reaching levels that I only dreamed of achieving, and it’s so much closer to the story I set out to tell. KC’s feedback is impeccable and professional, and she has a phenomenal instinct for storytelling. She digs into your writing to the deepest level, yet somehow her turnaround time is lightning fast.

If you are querying a manuscript that isn’t getting the attention you’d hoped, or if you’re in the middle of a draft and something’s not quite what you envisioned but you’re not sure how to implement meaningful changes, you need to get KC on your team. This is more than an editorial service—it’s a career boost that will shave months or even years off your path to publication." -Brianna Bourne, YA Author

“KC’s advice brought my manuscript back to life. I was at the point of giving up, but she helped me figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. And although this meant major revisions needed to be done, she helped me take things step-by-step, so I never felt overwhelmed. She taught me the importance of asking “why?,” and I’m amazed by the impact this has had on my writing. She was always available when I had questions or needed encouragement, and I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with her.” -Katie Bono, YA Author

“Working with KC was a true delight. Her professionalism, suggestions and attention to detail made the process of editing my book a breeze. Did I mention her turnaround was better than promised?  I’m already outlining other projects for her to tackle. Thank you KC!” -Heather Piper, Non-fiction Client

“When I worked with KC Karr through the Write Mentor program, she not only helped me polish my work, but she coached me through the process of fleshing out my characters' motivations and backstories, caring for them as if they were real people in her head, not only in mine. She's an enthusiastic and tireless editor, who doesn't quit until the story is at its very best. I never expected such dedication and introspection. After working with KC, I'm confident when handing over my work to agents and editors, because I know it's the very best that it can be.” -Dana Faletti, YA Author


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