#WriteMentor 2019 Mentor Bio

Welcome potential mentees! If you’re here, that means you’re looking for a mentor who will help you achieve your writing dreams. Will that mentor be me? I HOPE SO! 

A little about me before I get to what I’m looking for.

My name is KC Karr and I’m repped by Ali Herring at Spencerhill Associates. I write young adult fiction and think books for kids need more diversity and inclusivity. I was a 2017 Pitch Wars mentee. This is my second year mentoring for #WriteMentor. I’m also involved in this year’s #TeenPit and work as a book coach/editor at Author Accelerator. Coaching writers to improve their manuscripts is kind of my thing, and I LOVE IT.

Outside of writing, I work as a sonographer (that’s ultrasound, not to be confused with stenographer). I’m married with an 11-year-old son who is Type 1 Diabetic.

What I'm looking for: 

Young Adult



Magical Realism **I’m much more for mind-bending than demons/vampires/etc.**

Light Sci-Fi




What I want to see: Diversity, disability, and mental health rep (especially if it isn’t the focus of the story), characters who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it, stories set in a microcosm of society such as at a boarding school, summer camp, or other confined space away from the general public. Atmospheric stories that bend reality or have an unexpected twist or unreliable narrator. I want emotional books that make me think or see the world in a different light. I prefer drama over humor but sarcasm is my jam, and I love voice-y stories.

What I don’t want: Suicide, rape stories, or anything that kills animals. Horror. Fantasy. (I received so many fantasy manuscripts last year. PLEASE read the mentor wish lists carefully so you don’t waste your submission!)

What do I have to offer?

I have over ten years of experience as a writer. I’ve been an editor, book coach, social media director, and submissions reader. As a former Pitch Wars mentee, I know exactly what this kind of contest requires—and just how hard it is. I’m prepared to give you everything I’ve learned along the way and then some! I hope not only to improve your manuscript, but also give you skills to use well into your future writing career. This is a partnership, and I expect you to work just as hard as I do.

My feedback tends to be direct and honest. If you need a lot of buttering up, I might not be the right mentor for you. I’m not afraid to fill your pages with comments and red marks in the hopes of helping you create the best story ever. With that said, I will also be your biggest cheerleader. I will rave over your successes. And if you have last minute questions or midday freak outs, I will be there to answer emails or messages. I will kick your butt into action or talk you down from an emotional breakdown.

As far as how the rewrite period will work: You’ll receive an edit letter from me along with in-document comments. You’ll also have homework that may include lessons from Story Genius or Save the Cat Writes a Novel. I’ll also help you with your query, synopsis, and Twitter pitches.

What do I expect from my mentee?

Hard work and dedication. If you don't have time to revise your manuscript (which may require A LOT of rewriting) in the proposed time, please don't enter. This process is intense, and it'll require time and patience. I hope my suggestions will take your work from good to great, but ultimately, it's you, the writer, who has to complete the task. 

Open communication is important to me. Feel free to email me with questions if you are unsure about anything. There are no stupid questions! I’m here to help you, so you must be honest if something isn’t clicking or if you need more explanation.

An open mind. You entered this contest because you want to take your writing to the next level. This process might not go exactly as you planned, but a “roll with the punches” attitude will get us through it.

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m 6’1” and tower over most mortals

  • I am a cat lady! And dog lady. In fact, just give me all the animals.

  • I have traveled outside the U.S. exactly once, and that was to visit my Pitch Wars mentor in Curacao.

  • I prefer sand over snow and love sunny days.

  • I grew up in a tiny city outside of Flint that’s rated Michigan’s “safest city to live in.”

  • I took 17 years of dance classes including ballet, tap, and jazz.

  • I have an obsession with trees. They’re just so beautiful!