Life Expectancy May Vary

After watching his sick father destroy things—his mother’s face, their family memories, and eventually, himself—eighteen-year-old Hudson Trent is certain of one thing. He will never let Huntington’s Disease turn him into a raging monster. If it means killing himself before anyone realizes he’s sick, so be it, and if he never has to choose when to pull the ventilator from his dying older brother, even better.
Life and death collide when Hudson’s suicide is interrupted by Remi Aris. Hudson talks her off the quarry ledge, and, against his better judgment, into a late-night omelet at his favorite diner. The two strangers share one soul-baring night of firsts and lasts. But, if rollerblading, or an impossibly romantic and awkward ballet lesson, or even a first kiss was enough to prevent Hudson’s illness, he would’ve come out of hiding and chased experiences years ago. He might’ve even braved having a friend like Remi.
But when night fades to morning, Hudson finds himself alone at the quarry. No matter what Remi’s newfound friendship sparked inside of him, his circumstances have not changed. One question stands between Hudson and a 300-foot fall: Is life with a deadline still worth living?

We Are Constellations

Before Landon Young was born, his father gave up music to raise him. Now, Landon stands at the edge of his own world tour knowing success is the only way to repay his dad for what he lost. But the price of a tour is new music, and Landon's creative well is dry. When one night with a concertgoer breaks his writer's block, Kara becomes as essential as his favorite guitar, and Landon carries her from city to city.
But Kara's sudden appearance isn't coincidence. She's desperate to fulfill her best friend's wish of dating Landon and will do anything, even impersonate her fearless friend, to make it happen. Kara hopes her time with Landon will salve the guilt of her most cowardly moment—one that left her father dead and her best friend comatose. She never expects to fall for Landon with her own broken heart.
The truth of Kara’s identity devastates Landon but comes with an unexpected opportunity to secure a world tour. To get it, he’ll have to exploit the girl he shouldn’t love and publicly expose her lies. Or, he can let Kara disappear with her guilty secrets and risk repeating his father’s mistake of choosing love over music.